Lemon & Salt

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Finally, the time has come. If you followed my personal Instagram, I recently posted a photo on the launch of my new clothing line – Lemon & Salt last week. I’m beyond ecstatic to be sharing this with you all. With the immense support from our family and friends, we were able to start this project. I teamed up with a friend who shared the same vision and we’re working hard to produce and improve on our next collection.  (COMING SOON)

It has been one of my dream to be able to have a line of clothing that representing my style and taste. The collection is a vast selection of simple relaxed easy-wear apparel for young adult. Something that I would throw on to wear everyday for work or the weekend. No-fuss and easy to mix and match.

Follow us on Instagram @lemonsaltid for daily updates on style and our latest collection.

Go check out our first mini collection here.  For any inquiry, please feel free to comment or email me at 3soeponos [at] gmail [dot] com and lemonsalt.id [at] gmail [dot] com.




New in: Marc for Marc Jacobs

This new baby was love at first sight. When all the other shelves were screaming SALE, I was just so in awe on this simple cross-body purse hanging on the front display. Maybe it’s the turquoise pebbled leather, maybe it’s the clean semi-circle design with a flap opening, or maybe it’s because it was the last purse they have in stock. Whatever it is, I found myself at the check-out register in no time. HAPPY!


MJ Softly Saddle X-Body


Sari Soepono

New in: Tom Ford Sunglasses Killer Eyes


I’m so obsessed with my new Tom Ford sunglasses that I picked up not too long ago. I considered this one as my second as I had been abusing my only RayBan Aviator for the past 3 years.


I still love my RayBan Aviator and in fact I almost gotten myself the blue lens aviators from RayBan that is been so in trend this Summer, but when I saw this tortoise baby, I knew I had to have it.

Anything you’re obsessing about this Summer?

xoxo, Sari Soepono

Travelling Packing Tips

The holiday season is here and I’m sure that most of you have exciting travel plans ahead of you. Whether it’s with friends or family, this is the time the year where people travel heavily. Coming from my recent trip, I thought I’d share some tips and tricks on packing tips. It has worked wonders for me and I hope it will be helpful for you too.

If i’d had the choice to travel, unless I’m going to a  beach/shore type of destination ( e.g. Bali, Miami, Hawaii), I’d prefer to travel during the Fall season. This is exactly what we did over our recent trip to Europe where we leave mid September and stayed throughout early October. This is best time to be outside where the air is nice and crisp without getting too cold.

Now here are several my general rules of thumb in packing:

1. Keep everything in neutral colors. This will make everything easily mixed and match. Neutral colors are blacks, browns, beiges, whites, and grays. I use this rule for clothes, shoes, and bags.

2. By keeping your outfits neutral, you can add color with different scarves. Pack a few to add a pop of color.

3. Bring comfortable shoes. Different people have their own level of comfort when it comes to shoes. Don’t try to win style over comfort for this. Trust me.

4. Going to accessories, since we are keeping things simple and neutral, you can go a bit bold with jewelries. I usually don’t bring my expensive jewelries when I travel and opt for costume jewelries. That way, if the worst case I lost them, it won’t be a big deal. I like to bring different kinds of earrings because due to the outfits and scarves, you really can’t see anything else (necklace, bracelets) other than your neck up.

5. Bring extra underwear. You just don’t know.

6. Toiletries: apart from all the everyday skincare and makeup products you need, don’t forget to bring your own shower cap. You will be surprised some hotels don’t provide shower caps in their amenities. You don’t want to be hassled to do your hair everyday do you?

7. Bring extra batteries and memory cards for your camera and don’t forget the charger.

8. I always bring my travel hair dryer with me. It’s small and foldable and yet big at 1895 watts. I have a thick big frizzy hair so, I can’t use those wall hair dryer in the hotel bathroom that goes for 1000 watts. My hair just won’t cooperate.

9. If you decided to bring any electronic equipment with you, make sure you bring the international adapters. Also, make sure your equipment is either dual-voltage, or matches the voltage of the place you are visiting. This is very important, otherwise that heavy thing you’ll be carrying will be useless.

10. Have fun!!

If you go by my rules from point 1-4, your outfits would look something like this.









Happy Holidays and safe travels!

xoxo, Sari Soepono

Christmas Holiday Outfit

Christmas is around the corner, and believe me this used to be the time of the year that I look forward to every year. The dressing up, the festivities, the winking lights, the towering christmas tree and ice rink in Rockefeller Center, the holiday drink flavors from Starbucks, eggnogs, holiday parties, you name it I can go on forever. Let’s not forget the shopping scene (read: Christmas Sale) It’s the time where everyone seem to be very happy (or depressed lol).

This year is a little bit different as I’ll be spending the month of December in the hot tropic Jakarta (read: no snow for a change). No holiday parties, no Christmas Gala, no festivities whatsoever. But don’t worry, a girl can still dream right? For those of you who celebrate Christmas, have you pick out your outfit yet? I usually dress myself in deep emerald colors for Christmas, but today I saw this Ted Baker bright red dress and just fell in love. The texturing is immaculate, paired with the most coveted studded Valentino heels to edge out the dress and the snake print clutch, this outfit is perfect.

What will you be wearing for Christmas?

Christmas Holiday Party
Ted Baker ball dress, 12.375.880 IDR / Valentino metallic heels, 9.582.880 IDR / House of Harlow 1960 red handbag, 1.685.430 IDR / Juicy Couture studded bracelet, 529.610 IDR / Briolette crystal earrings, 269.670 IDR / DANNIJO , 4.045.035 IDR / Stone belt, 951.380 IDR / Tom Ford , 462.290 IDR / Tom Ford , 288.930 IDR


Sari Soepono

Shy Shy Kat


I had the pleasure to know the creative team behind this local clothing line called ShyShyKat. This young and hip brand was formed in the late 2011 and had released 2 collections thus far.

Recently they released their third collection named “ShyShyKat Blends with Nature” where I had the opportunity to take a look on the garments in their private residence not too long ago, which was an amazing experience. Their collections contained both female and male pieces and each female and male collection is categorized by two styles as they refer to in characters.

Let’s meet all the characters, shall we?

Missy is elegant, classy, and sophisticated, along side with Skippy who is casual, tomboy and independent with a big heart.

On the male side, meet Kenzo, who is preppy, caring, and independently yet responsible, and Beebo with the urban street and a bad boy attitude.


Amongst this  collection, I asked the team to pick out the top 5 items for each male and female to represent the theme of the collection.

Missy’s of the Valley

Skippy’s Magical TripPhotobucket

Skippy’s MimosaPhotobucket

Skippy’s Blue Bell TopPhotobucket

Missy’s Black Thorn

Kenzo’s Twig Tree Top (collar is detachable) Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Beebo’s Surreal TopPhotobucket

Kenzo’s Depth of the SeaPhotobucket

Beebo’s Miami TopPhotobucket

Kenzo’s White Paisley TopPhotobucket

So what do you think? Can you take a guess which one is my favorite?  It’s the last one – Missy’s Black Thorn. The black airy shirt combined with a splash of zebra accent on the front and the hot pink button lace cannot be more perfect, don’t you think?

Let’s meet the creative team behind ShyShyKat – Ravina, Nara and Krishna.


ShyShyKat is currently available online at Maskool.inScallope.com and Localbrand.co.id

Contact Info:

Twitter: @shyshykat

Instagram: @shyshykat

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wear.shyshykat


Sari Soepono