Wedding Photos

The time has come my friends.

Kami sudah dapat full set of our wedding photos from our awesome photog David Christover

There are over 2000 photos hence, gue share highlights and favorite gue aja ya 🙂

meru-sari-wedding-138 meru-sari-wedding-213 meru-sari-wedding-185meru-sari-wedding-381  meru-sari-wedding-405 meru-sari-wedding-718 meru-sari-wedding-741 meru-sari-wedding-839 meru-sari-wedding-901 meru-sari-wedding-984 meru-sari-wedding-1060 meru-sari-wedding-1168 meru-sari-wedding-1072 meru-sari-wedding-1078 meru-sari-wedding-1083 meru-sari-wedding-1088 meru-sari-wedding-1234 meru-sari-wedding-1349 meru-sari-wedding-1372 meru-sari-wedding-1386 meru-sari-wedding-1429 meru-sari-wedding-1619 meru-sari-wedding-1481 meru-sari-wedding-1561

meru-sari-wedding-1769meru-sari-wedding-1731meru-sari-wedding-1747meru-sari-wedding-1754meru-sari-wedding-1689 meru-sari-wedding-1698 meru-sari-wedding-1806 meru-sari-wedding-1713 meru-sari-wedding-1965 meru-sari-wedding-1966 meru-sari-wedding-1998 meru-sari-wedding-1976 meru-sari-wedding-1969 meru-sari-wedding-2006 meru-sari-wedding-2037




3 thoughts on “Wedding Photos

  1. Hay mba, boleh tau groom attire nya sewa atau bikin yahh..
    terus kalau sewa , mohon dibantu contactnya ya..
    Thanks a bunch,
    What a beautiful wedding you had 🙂

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