Wedding Inspiration

Hello lovies,

I wanted to share several list of INSTAGRAM accounts I followed for my wedding preparations. You know, I am not the girl who had planned their wedding since they’re 5. And at some point in time, I just get stuck in the moment. So these IG wedding accounts really helped me to revive my mood and to look for inspirations.

  • @thebridedept (local)
  • @thebridestory (local)
  • @myweddingprep (local)
  • @thebridebestfriend (local)
  • @bridetobelux (international)
  • @weddingplus (international)
  • @impression_bridal (international)
  • @brides_blog (international)
  • @greenweddingshoes (international)

For the local ones, they’re also a good source for you to look for wedding vendors because they usually curate their favorites and will mention the IG account of the vendors within the caption.

photo 4 (2) photo 2 (1) photo 3photo 1

Hope these helps!


Sari Soepono


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