Colored Hair

I have been battling with grey hair for years. I started growing grey hair in an early age roughly during my senior high school, which becomes more prominent throughout the years to the extent where it stays growing on the same spot.

Since the last time I had my hair colored (ombre) in Delaware back in2012, I haven’t really done much to it other than the regular trims and treatments (not enough obviously). At some point I realized that my hair had gotten so damaged and dull that it was a struggle to even do a day-to-day hair styling at home.


My New Year resolution this year is simple: getting my hair under control, which means anything that can make my hair “better” is a way to achieve that goal.

As part of the resolution, I decided to color my hair with a darker color to fix the dullness as well as covering the grey hair, and then chopped it to a shoulder length for easier styling. The hairstylist chose the color for me from the catalog that he felt the most suitable to my skin tone but I’m not 100% in love with it. I have always liked a cooler and brassy tone and this one is leaning more to red. I’m reconsidering to have it re-colored in few months.

Regardless I’m glad the new color has turned my dull and messy color to be uniformed and shiny. I’m enjoying the shorter hair and I can totally see my hair texture is healthier and easier to manage.


Sari Soepono



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