I don’t have any excuse for my 3-month long hiatus nor do I want to replicate another empty promise to continue blogging on a weekly basis. But I do have lots of updates to catch up with.

December was busy, from prepping with the relocation back to Jakarta, handing-over the old job to the other team member, Bali trip with the big family and everything else in between (read: my awesome birthday).

Also, not blogging has been a bit addictive hence we have now come to the end of March. Oops?


I’ll start with a few highlights:

  1. Jakarta – I officially returned back to Jakarta to live. No more 5:2 ratios between KL and JKT. My passport has come to its last empty page due to those 95 flights I took in 2013. Best part – not having to fly to go to work.
  2. New Job – Transitioning my relocation to Jakarta has been pretty smooth. I secured a new job prior to my return. I can’t comment on the work itself but the location can’t be any better. It’s central and also close to Mom’s office hence car-pooling is conceivable.
  3. New Babies – Two of my best friends are expecting their babies very very soon (this week and next month). Both are boys!
  4. Sydney 2014 – The bro finally graduated as a Sound Engineer. (PROUD). The whole fam flew in to Sydney to attend the graduation ceremony with few days to spare as a valid short- vacation. A different kind of experience travelling/holidaying with my parents. More on this trip on a separate post.
  5. My Birthday – Turning 28 felt like approaching to the end of my twenties (stating the obvious?) love-hate feeling crash between maturity (inner) and youth (outer). I mean look at those wrinkles? #sigh

More updates on everything else to come!


Sari Soepono


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