Giorgio Armani “Eyes to Kill” intense eyeshadow


Okay, so let me just start by telling you a little bit about my first experience using this product. When I bought my first Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow, I happened to be 9 months pregnant, and was just waiting for the day of delivery. I have to admit though, to me, it was going to be just another gold eyeshadow to add to my collection(I got #5), and I didn’t expect to be impressed that much. The next day after I purchased it, I decided to try it on as I was getting ready for another shopping spree with my mom. Well, the shopping didn’t happen cause on that day, I started my laboring process. Long story short, after I had delivered my son, as I was lying down in the recovery room and the doctor came to check on me, I clearly remember the first thing she said was: “ Wow Ms. Djais, you managed to put on some make-up on your eyes, huh? they look great!!”. That was when I realized that my eye make-up hasn’t smudged, creased, or changed a bit, even after a long, sweaty, 20 hours of labor. So I thought “hmmm.. I need to get some more of this”. And yup, I ended up buying 4 more.


The product comes in 0.14 glass container, and at $32 each, they are quite pricey. The texture is kind of like a dense powder, and it feels very soft and creamy. Being a make-up junkie, I’ve became more selective in buying make-up and still sometimes ended up regretting buying some of them. However, this turned out to be one of those products that I want to own in every color. The shade selections are stunningly pretty that I was having a hard time choosing which shades to buy.

They have beautiful metallic finish, the color payoffs are amazing, they’re highly pigmented, super long-wearing, and the shine effect it has is just perfect! This product is the one that I’ll go to whenever I want to glam up my make up look, but have very little time. Just apply it with your finger (I found it to be the best way of applying it), put on some black eyeliner and mascara, and that’s it!! It is also great to be used as a base for other eyeshadow if you run out of a primer, as it will make your eye make-up stay on longer and enhance the colors you put on top of it.

Now there is a drugstore version of this product, that is, the L’oreal infallible eyeshadows. They do have similar formula (L’oreal owns both of them) but up to now, I haven’t moved to purchase the Infallible ones yet, just because cause I think the colors of these Armani Eyes to Kill are just so dimensional and there is no way the L’oreal one can compare to them.

To justify the high price-point, I purchased pretty basic colors that I would wear often, they are: No. 26, 5 (Gold Blitz),6 (Khaki Pulse), 21 (Obsidian Grey), and 20 (Obsidian black).

I won’t be describing too much about the shades, as the pics do it all!! So here they are, enjoy!! 🙂




Now you know why I’m in love with these  guys. So yes, I’ll definitely be purchasing some more. Do you own other shades than mine of this collection? Which shades would you recommend?

Sasti Soepono


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